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        2. 中國醫學裝備協會
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          作者:admin 日期:2020-05-15 17:21:59


          To help clinicians improve patients' lives. 助力醫生 呵護生命

          Through what we do and how we work with our customers, we empower those who strive for the best outcomes for their patients, improving quality of life during and after treatment.


          We work as one team 齊心協力

          We work collaboratively and inclusively together. Only then can we truly focus on getting things done for our customers and their patients.

          We do what we say 踐行承諾

          We act with accountability and integrity, taking personal and collective responsibility to make the right things happen.

          We keep thinking forward 洞見未來

          We believe things can always be improved as well as more efficient and effective: our innovative spirit and resourcefulness keep us ahead of the game.